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Perfumer's Workshop The Perfumer’s Workshop International, Ltd. is a privately owned company, with distribution throughout the world. Company headquarters are located in New York. Production is out-sourced to manufacturing facilities in the United States. Sales are made to distributors who service local markets directly. Advertising and promotion plans are developed and funded jointly by Perfumer’s Workshop and its distributors.

In the early 1970's Perfumer's Workshop was referred to as "A Young Company with an Original Point of View". In many ways, the same could be said of the company today, celebrating its 40th anniversary this year. Founded by Donald Bauchner, an industry maverick who changed the way the fragrance business does business. Forever young at heart, Bauchner continues to change and challenge the industry with out-of-the-box thinking.

In 1970, after ten years in the industry learning from legends such as Charles Revson and Leonard Lauder, the young executive formed Perfumer's Workshop Ltd. Armed with a vision to create a new company with a character and personality reflecting an 'underground' movement then surfacing, Perfumer's Workshop was born. Bauchner had an intuition that the consumer was ready to deconstruct the fragrance business, stripping it of the pomp and formality that had permeated it since the beginnings of the century. Its first breakthrough was a Bloomingdale's counter which transformed the idea for using essential oils, a mainstay of the youth and hippie culture, remade as a luxury product, an uptown meets downtown spirit.

It was the industry's first custom-blending fragrance concept. Perfumer's Workshop allowed the customer to create their own individual scent in a variety of fragrance forms. In its basic, simple package, this custom-blending opportunity actually empowered the customer for the very first time, and would set the tone for much of was yet to come, foreshadowing so many of today's boutique, niche brands.

In the late 1970's, the company transformed its best-selling essential oil into a more traditional fragrance line able to be sold at thousands of perfumery counters in the United States and throughout the world, rather than remaining available in limited distribution only at Perfumer's Workshop custom-blending counters. The magical fragrance Tea Rose was an immediate perennial favorite everywhere. It became an instant 'classic'. Princess Grace of Monaco... Catherine Deneuve... Princess Diana...Nicole Kidman - the list of Tea Rose adoring fans is endless. Its stories the stuff of fragrance legends. Perfumer's Workshop has lost count, but probably 55- 60 million bottles of Tea Rose have been sold.

As Specialty and Department store shopping habits changed, the company adapted to general perfumery distribution in some 1500 doors within the United States and into more than 90 countries internationally. After a string of successes and with the ability to quickly and efficiently respond to changes in shopping habits as well as to changes in the world economy, Perfumer's Workshop is now again expanding its horizons and transforming its business by introducing its newest brand with a solely online launch. A step that will allow promotion, advertising, sampling, and selling directly to end-user consumers throughout the world exclusively through its new website, www.ZippedMan.com "The internet is the largest store in the entire world. That is where most all of the world's customers are now shopping. We want to be there first, and in a big way", says Bauchner.

Perfumer's Workshop International - Product Timeline

1971 Donald and Gun Bauchner found Perfumer’s Workshop, open Bloomingdale’s as first retail account

1972 Perfumer’s Workshop covered in Paris Match as a “news” item, PARFUM A DOMECILE

1973 Perfumer’s Workshop counter opens at Selfridge’s, London

1974 Perfumer’s Workshop counter opens at Harrods, London

1975 Perfumer’s Workshop counter opens at Galleries Lafayette, Paris

1977 TEA ROSE makes its debut

1977 Perfumers Workshop creates the industry’s first-ever scent enclosure as print advertising with TEA ROSE full page scented insertion in WWD

1982 Perfumers Workshop becomes the first prestige fragrance company to simultaneously market product to high-end and broad distribution channels and was the first to sell direct to JC Penney

1984 Perfumer’s Workshop products carried in 1500 Department stores in the USA

1985 Personal Perfumery makes its debut at Saks Fifth Avenue and Nordstrom

1987 SAMBA makes its debut at Bloomingdale's

1995 Perfumers Workshop launches LES GIRLS , the industry’s first body sprays for layering as a spray-on-spray custom-blending concept

1996 Paris office opens to work closely with fashion house fragrance licensors

1997 Fragrance license signed with SONIA RYKIEL , Paris - launched 1998

1997 Bauchner & Skinner conceive ZIPPED FOR MEN and begin select market testing

1998 Haute Couture fragrance license signed with L’OR DE TORRENTE , Paris - launched 1999

2000 Pret-a-Porter fragrance license signed with JEAN-LUC AMSLER , Paris - launched 2001

2002 Couture fragrance license signed with LOUIS FERAUD , Paris - launched 2003

2005 Perfumer’s Workshop relocates headquarters and manufacturing base from Paris to New York

2007 Despite a growing world-wide recession, distribution and sales continue to grow

2011 ZIPPED MAN is the first line from an established fragrance house to be launched, sampled and sold entirely in the digital realm

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