Zipped Premier
A mental image of Zipped Premier would express clean and sexy at the same time…like just-showered skin. Primal, instinctive…sometimes you see something, hear something, smell something that cuts right to the chase, pulls your strings, pushes your buttons, revs your engine. Zipped Premier is like that: it goes straight to the heart. ... Learn More Purchase Free Sample
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( X ) Isaac, USA

I remember the day, I will never forget it. At the time I was working as a production assistant for Dancing With The Stars and part time as a PA at BET. I was at work, beat down, tired, and not even half way through the day when my manager called me saying we had to be in New York by the next morning to be…

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The Scent

  • ENERGETIC/SPARKLE TOP NOTE: Lemon Zest, Coriander, Mandarin, Apple
  • SEXY/SENSUAL MID NOTE: Nutmeg, Provençal Lavender, Violet Leaves
  • BIG, BOLD & MASCULINE BASE NOTE: Resinous Amber, Dark Woods, Tonka Bean, Woody Musks