Zipped Premier

Primal, instinctive…sometimes you see something, hear something, smell something that cuts right to the chase, pulls your strings, pushes your buttons, revs your engine. Zipped Premier is like that: it goes straight to the heart. Perfumer Pierre Negrin describes it as “a fragrance that’s easy to understand on an instinctive level. A woman smells it as clean and safe, but a man smells it as power and freedom.”

Premier opens with an ENERGETIC/SPARKLE. It moves from clean/fresh to SEXY/SENSUAL. Zipped Premier evolves into a BIG/BOLD/MASCULINE statement.

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$45(50ml) | $60 (100ml)

The Scent

  • ENERGETIC/SPARKLE TOP NOTE: Lemon Zest, Coriander, Mandarin, Apple
  • SEXY/SENSUAL MID NOTE: Nutmeg, Provençal Lavender, Violet Leaves
  • BIG, BOLD & MASCULINE BASE NOTE: Resinous Amber, Dark Woods, Tonka Bean, Woody Musks